Friday, 2 July 2010


Went to Henley on Thames by train - it takes ages!!! You have to get to Paddington, then join huge queue for ticket, then train to Twyford - change for a branch line to Henley on Thames itself. However it was not crowded and there were lots of cheerful young people going to the Regatta laughing and joking.

I wanted to see about exhibiting my oil paintings of the rowers, because I know that paintings etc are sold at the Regatta.  Unfortunately the exhibition space is in the STEWARDS EXCLOSURE !!

The Steward's Enclosure is a bit like the Royal Enclosure at Ascot, only the great and good are allowed in and there are fierce guards at the entrance to the marquee.  I don't know why there is this exclusion, for Members only, because lots of people from the Steward's Enclosure come into the more or less open-to-all Regatta Enclosure, where we went (it cost £12 on Thursday).  You get a badge to pin on, and this is an  obvious way of showing others just which enclosure you are good enough to get into!  My badge was blue.  I noticed some people wearing lots of badges.
Very British.

Anyway, I could not get into the Steward's Enclosure, as I said, so had to ask to see a person who could give me information about the painting show.  Apparently you have to send, or take, images there in Jan  or Feb, for consideration.  If selected the art works are only up during the Regatta (5 days), so you have to go and get them back after it, if not sold, and also, as I said, only the few people in the 'best' enclosure are going to see your work.  Not sure if I am going to bother.

I will be putting my photos on Flickr soon.

Henly Royal Regatta official site