Thursday, 12 March 2009


South London Women Artists Group has a web site, unfortunately I cannot get the links to work on my computer. The link appears in my text but does not display when published.
Here it is anyway

There is an exhibition at the moment, of some members work, including mine. It is at the Dulwich Library, 368 Lordship Lane, Dulwich.
My piece is a photo etching, one of an edition of 10, from a photo I took at last year's London Marathon. At the time of the photo it was pissing down with rain, and the runners were soaked. I was waiting for my son to run past - it was at Mile End, Stepney, Mile 13. My son got very wet feet and his socks caused painful blisters which spoiled the run a bit! Poor him, but I also have good photos of him with his medal, and he did a good time too.

The exibition ends on Tuesday 31 March. It is part of Southwark Council's Celebrating Women Artists month. I have not been to see it yet so cannot comment on the works. There is another group of art works at the ArtDog gallery

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