Saturday, 7 August 2010


Cartier Gold Cup day is one of those days when the well-off and those with aspirations to be well-off collect together to consume lots of champagne and Pimms, to eat picnics by their cars and to thrill to the top class polo games.  There is one game in the morning, and the main event at 3 in the afternoon.
The reason for my attendance was to enjoy the polo and to take lots of photos, so I can continue with the paintings of horses and  riders.  Also to consume some nice cool white wine and have a picnic too.
Luckily it was a bright day, with cloud and a little sun, so the photos are fine.  Will add a couple.
The major game was extremely exciting, England versus New Zealand, and before the game, we had the New Zealand display of dancers in what looked like straw skirts and battle paint, but they were too far away to make them out or hear anything much.  They displayed in front of the Royal Box where HRH The Prince of Wales sat up on the balcony.  No lady seemed to accompany him, that I saw.
I talked to two nice people who run a gallery called Equestrian Art UK who had an interesting display of horsey paintings on their stand.  They told me they attend all the major horsey events, like Cheltenham, Newmarket, Goodwood,  eventing etc etc.
It was fun looking at the crowd, which seemed to comprise mostly quite young and very young people, the girls dressed to kill - in killer heels too!  Wonder how they managed to walk on the turf.
I suppose the older well-off nobs were on the other side of the ground, in the South Grandstand and expensive seats near the Royal Box.  We were in the cheaper North Grandstand but even so the tickets plus the cost of car park cost an arm and a leg.

This oil painting has just been completed, based on two riders in the teams of Hurlingham (blue) and the Prince of Wales (red).  The painting is 30cm x 25cm.  The title is 'Golden Jubilee Trophy. 2010'

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