Friday, 10 September 2010


We visited the Bankside Gallery yesterday to see the prints and paintings which are the top 100 as judged by the following people:

John Duffin, artist and printmaker, whose work was the 2009 winner and has had his work displayed on Blackfriars Bridge for 12 months

Ann Eggbert - senior lecturer in Art and Design at St Martin's (the website states 'Eggbert's practice explores the complexities of cultural identity')

Angela Parker, Director of Bankside Gallery

Councillor Veronica Ward -South Camberwell councillor,  Title:  Cabinet member for Culture, Leisure and Sport, and the Olympics

Nathan Quigley, Communications Manager, Network Rail

You can see that the list includes two artists.

I was surprised to see that one of the exhibits was obviously larger than 100cm specified,  and was hung in pride of place at the end of the hall.  I was also rather disappointed to find my work was hung in a very poor position, at the end on the left in a kind of alcove, so you could see it only if walking round a corner, but then I suppose the positive thing about it was the lighting was good.

A few of the pieces had been sold.  The winner was Akash Bhatt, who submitted a very long work called 'Life' -  mixed media on board.  His website is

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