Wednesday, 22 February 2012



We were luck enough to see this new film at a preview in Surrey last night.  

This is extremely enjoyable and I recommend it - in fact I might go and see it a second time!
Some of the dialogue is very funny indeed and of course the cast is one to die for - even the beginning of the film, set in England, is amusing and relevant to me, being somewhat 'over the hill' myself!

Very beautiful did India seem.  Top marks to the photographer and director and all the back-room people, it must have been very difficult to film in the streets, of what I presume is actually Jaipur.
IMDb website with more about the film

The colours and plants, the market stalls, the drummers, the marigolds themselves, all delightful.

I particularly liked the crumbling building that formed the hotel itself.  It makes me want to go to India, to that part, where I have not had a chance to go, as yet.  I have visited Goa, which seemed much more quiet and sedate.

Of course, one thing the film missed out was the smells, the heat, the problem with tummy upsets and the long boring waits for things, such as taxis that don't turn up on time.  But then, the real thing is always going to be more fun than a film.  What the film can give you, is a nice burst of colour and nostalgia at the turn of a switch (if you have the DVD of course).

I congratulate everybody concerned with this film, and wish it great success.

Holywood Reporter website about the film

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