Friday, 5 April 2013



We decided on an all-day visit to Versailles.  We bought our four tickets for use on the RER train at the Metro station Etienne Marcell, and from there we changed from the Metro at St. Michel to the RER Versailles train.  We knew that we needed four tickets for the two of us, but we did not realize that these tickets were all the same, with no markings to distinguish which ones has been used on the outward journey, and which were still un-used, oh dear .....

On our return trip, at the station at Versailles, we found that three of the tickets were not usable.  By mistake three had been put into the ticket slots at Etienne Marcell or at St Michel when we changed trains.  By then it was about 6 pm and there was a huge queue, as it was the rush-hour, and we thought the only solution was to buy one more ticket for the return journey.

Luckily a helpful man opened the Customer Service window near where I was standing, just in time. I explained the problem and he kindly sorted it out, pointing out that we had used three of the tickets but only two should have been cancelled,  so  BE WARNED!!!  Watch which tickets you use.


We bought our tickets to the Chateau and the grounds at the Tourist Office, which you pass on the way to the Chateau.  It was much easier to do this, rather than join yet another queue at the Chateau, although it cost a couple of Euros more.  I think it was about £37 for two.

We went into the grounds first and I took these photos, but found to my horror that the battery on the camera had died on me, so I could not take any more photos.  The gardens and parks are really beautiful, despite the cold spring which meant that no trees were showing any green.

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