Sunday, 28 February 2010


On Wednesday we went along to Bertis's Wine Bar in Wimbledon. Or it would have been in Bertis's Wine Bar except it is closed for refurbishment, so our favourite jazz group, the Iota Club, played in a cramped corner of the Prince of Wales pub, in Wimbledon Broadway. There are problems with playing in such a small space, especially as you have to sit very near the speakers if you want to do a drawing - which I did.
Tom Donald plays the keyboard, Mark Buckingham, the saxes and clarinet, Theo Buckingham percussion, and two guitarists whose names I do not know.
The group was in excellent form on Wednesday and it was rocking!
I sat and worked on some sketch drawings of the players, but found capturing the hands was particularly difficult. Movement is a constant challenge to artists.
I will have to look at more art that is concerned with movement.
You can check out the Iota Club at My Space and Face Book

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