Monday, 22 February 2010


Today its one of those rainy Mondays ...
Pay for dishwasher (eBay)
Arrange for collection - try and contact son re this, because he doesn't listen to home phone messages left
Phone plumber re the above and hope he returns the call
Download photos from camera (find camera first) which I took of my latest painting
Work out a title for painting, and measure it, including frame, which it doesn't have, if you follow me.
Edit photos to submit to SLWA for Bankside exhibition - deadline this week
Fill in form for SLWA and try and get scanner to work, to scan it
Soak kidney beans because Bev is coming tomorrow
By tomorrow have to have kidney beans cooked, in time for Bev to show me how to make Jamaican red pea soup
Go to Croydon Art Society, for AGM meeting
and so it goes on...

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