Wednesday, 10 March 2010


I went to a meeting of the Richmond Art Society last night at the Vestry Hall, Richmond on Thames.
The demo was about Acrylic painting, and was given by the tutor Sue Ribbans.

I am used to painting with acrylics, but found the talk very interesting. Sue Ribbans showed up her method of keeping acrylics wet, by making a home-made wet palette from a lidded plastic box lined with kitchen roll and covered with baking parchment.

The supports she uses vary from primed cardboard, heavy duty watercolour paper, canvas or hardboard. Primer is usually acrylic gesso which is white. To 'fight the white', Sue usually paints an underlying wash of blue or pink, or sometimes red.

She showed us her recent paintings and prints, some of which will be in the exhibition at The Bank Gallery, Chobham, Surrey, from 30 March to 11 April.

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