Monday, 12 September 2011



  Racing Results © John Burningham

The Fleming Collection in Berkeley Street, London, W1J 8DU is having a show of this illustrator's work, starting Tuesday, 13 September to 22 December 2011.
The picture above I have copied from the Fleming Collection website, and I look forward to seeing the collection of his work, reviewed by Jackie Wullschlager in the Financial Times.  He is one of my favourite book illustrators and his work brings back good memories of reading and looking at the books with my children.  Unfortunately my books are well worn and battered now!  Here is a link to the Fleming Collection website 

It should be a fascinating show, as it includes London Transport posters, and working drawings.

At the same time there is a special display of his posters at the London Transport Museum, in Covent Garden, London.  This runs from 9 September to 1 December.

From this link you can see there is a competition using Flickr Groups for photographs or art work entitled 'Children's London', and a book signing to take place on 26 November at the Museum.

I love this depicition of horse racing!  It looks as if it is done with gouache.

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