Monday, 4 October 2010


THE RICHMOND ART SOCIETY  was host to John Iddon, who gave an amusing talk with the theme Men Behaving Badly- Rogues and Vagabonds.

He spoke about  both artists and the subject of paintings and sculptures.  The role-call was long!  Included was Henry VIII by Hobein, right up to sculptures by Eric Gill and Epstein.

In future I'll have to take a notebook along because the talks at Richmond are so intense and informative, I can never remember the half of them  Usually the lecturers are of the highest quality.

I recall that I should look out for the scuptures on Zimbabwe House in the Strand, London, done by Epstein, which have had their vital bits removed!

John Iddon has a gallery, and is a lecturer at the Tate, among other venues.
John Iddon Fine Art

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