Friday, 1 October 2010


This exhibition ends on  - when?  Not sure.  It is well worth going to see - sorry about lack of details.

I like the Whitechapel Gallery despite its a real pain to get to from here.  The nearest tube station is Algate East.   We found a good place to eat just near by, on the main road.  Its on the corner, same side as the gallery, and is an 'Indian' run by friendly blokes from Bangladesh.  The food is excellent.

Liked the exhibition too, though of mixed quality.  Early stuff (portraits) reminded me of the self portrait done by Lowry. 
Later work quite dynamic and holds the attention. 
I particularly liked the portrait of two  men  'Geoffrey Hendricks and Brian, 1978.'  Good colour. 
I noticed the hands in a lot of the portraits are very elongated, as if she had been looking at El Greco.  Also she draws with the brush in blue.

PS the exhibition was from  8 July to 17 September 2010.

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