Tuesday, 27 April 2010


The London Marathon is great!
One of my photo will be attached later but I went there to do a drawing of the event, so I can make a painting fairly soon. But it rained!
Despite the forecast weather being very hot, it did rain so my drawing got very splodgy and I had to stop.
Took a lot of photos though, and some are on my Flickr page.


I went up The Mall early Sunday morning while it was still busy with the children who had run races first, from all over the UK. I think it was a 4 kilometer race.
Up by the Buckingham Palace the road was blocked of course, with metal barriers, and there were security guards (friendly ones). People started to mass all along the road side and climbed on the base of the huge scupture of Queen Victoria in the middle of the road.
First the wheelchair winners came past - the Brit favourite did not come along as he had two tyre punctures. Then the women elite runners, two Russian women won, then the men elite runners - this was the exciting bit. We could see the race before the runners made it round the corner, because there was a screen up by the park, showing the course. The Ethiopian guy who won was running with huge power and determination - he is a small man, apparently 5ft 2 inches.
After that, I walked back and took photos of all the red medals and red plastic bags waiting for the mass competitiors to claim them. Everywhere was written up 'Virgin Money' - over and over again.
The St James Park looked smashing, green and delicious, with deckchairs out but it was too damp to sit there.

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