Friday, 30 April 2010


The South London Women Artists Group had a fascinating visit to see this small museum, near Russell Square tube station, in Brunswick Square, Bloomsbury.
The museum is not in the original building that was designed for the Foundlings in the 18th century, but nevertheless it was extremely interesting to read about the philanthropic gentlemen including William Hogarth and Captain Corum, who started up the charity.
Even more interesting was the work on show of Paula Rego, one of our top women artists in London, who has made a series of pastels and an installation with reference to the Foundlings. As usual her images shock and surprise, scenes of rape, and giving birth outside under a lonely moon, putting babies in a well, and generally ill-treating young women. I found the preliminary images downstairs in the basement particularly disturbing, without an element of humour which has lightened the earlier work of Rego.
Also in this temporary exhibition at the Foundling was some monotype drawings by Tracey Emin, some installations by her of baby clothes, and some excellent photographs by Matt Collishaw.
We were a small group of artists, and the visit was organised by the wonderfull Julie Bennett. After looking at the museum, some of us had a very good snack in the museum cafe which I can recommend.

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