Sunday, 11 April 2010


I plan a new painting of the scene at Putney when the 2010 boat race took place. Did quite a lot of photos of the excitement.
Oxford and Cambridge boat race, Putney, 2010.

The riverside had been dressed with bunches of Cambridge blue and Oxford blue balloons and streamers, but otherwise nothing very exciting had been laid on to make the riverside more festive. There was a music festival at Putney though, which meant that a lot of pubs and restaurants had extended licences with music going on until late evening. Also barbecues were fashionable, although mostly indoors!

No rain, so people were strolling and sitting with the beers, some evening trying out a Pims to start the social season. I saw the race crews arrive, and enter the two rowing clubs to get ready. To let you into a secret, I then went home and watched the actual race on the TV, to get a good view. It was exciting, with Cambridge coming up from a poor position, and at the end the cox was thrown into the icy Thames!

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