Tuesday, 25 May 2010


We went to see Julie Bennett's latest oil painting last Friday.  Called 'She's on the phone'.
It is a very big oil, too, and extremely dynamic, with a great 'presence' - it was a focus and in a different class from the other exhibits.  The painting was on show at the Biscuit Factory, in Clement's Road, Bermondsey, in South East London.
The group show was of 2nd Year Fine Art students at Camberwell College of Arts.
If you are quick you can catch this exhibition, as it ends on 26 May (2010).  The large complex of buildings is about 5 minutes walk from Bermondsey Tub station.
Julie has painted with household gloss in the past and I am please to see this one painted in artist's oil colours, which I think is an improvement for her, and a good direction to follow.
The show was hugely popular, crowds of people having a good time and a fine warm evening made it possible for the socialising to continue outside in the couryard.

We went for a cold beer on the way back to the tube, at the little pub in St James's Road, I think it is called the St James's Tavern. It had a flag - cross of St George - draped over the bar (because of the football, of course) and a quite, relaxed atmosphere, being an early Friday evening, where I found it pleasant to hear the soft tones of the Bermondsey accent.  I recall this accent from friends who I got to know when I had a pottery studio in Rotherhithe years ago, at Hope (Sufferance) Wharf.  The local people probably find this influx of the arty gangs in their midst rather a laugh.

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