Thursday, 27 May 2010


Went to see the exhibition of Xavier Pick's work yesterday - where we were pleased to meet up with Xavier again.  He describes himself in articles printed in various newsapers and magazines,  as a 'Peace Artist' and a buddhist.

He paints on wooden panels.

Brilliant work, from his sketches and photos.  Some very large pieces were hung in awkward places because the gallery is so small.  Some sketch books are on display.
Link to a video clip from the BBC from December 2008, gives you an idea of how Xavier works on the spot.

Artist on drawing life in Basra

I hope to go back to see the paintings because the gallery was very busy - some people had been to Iraq  and were talking about their experiences there (but not to me) but I listened in,  which was of course very interesting.

The smaller paintings were very well priced, and there is also a book on sale (limited edition of 100) which is £100, although a bit too much for me to pay!

An artist friend who has visited the show was concerned that some of the work was painted on top of photographs that have been transferred to wooden panels.  I think this besides the point.  They are paintings using mixed media, which is how they are described. Some have drawing in pen or crayon as well, and in the history of art this is a common practice.  They work well.

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