Sunday, 2 May 2010


Susan Wood, an artist member of SLWA, gave a fascinating talk on Saturday, 1 May 2010.  She explained how the Exhibition Group, lead by Moira Jarvis, had worked so hard to put on this, the first group exhibition of the SLWA.
Susan likened our group to the artists' colonies, such as the ones at Newlyn and Pont-Aven, but said we were more a 'virtual' colony, as we participate with each other on the internet, since we do not all live in a small area of London.
Susan went on to talk about the exhibits, and set out to point to various groupings, the first one being 'colourists' such as Anne Lynch and Janet Tod. Next was a group of 4 works based on 'people', this included the portraits by Julie Bennett and Joley Goodman, the scene of the Smithfield Nocturne cycle race by me, and the painting of a bar front in Alburquerque by Carol Cooper.
I was pleased that Susan remarked on my vibrant colours, and remarked that my painting was not just of athletes, but of athletes in relation to their city surrounding, a city context.
Marnie Pitt has used egg tempera and oil for for her surreal image, Susan Short has a print, the only woodcut in the show and Leonie Cronin (founder member) was mentioned for her acrylic, of a mythological theme, with a background of women playing in a brass band (which her daughter does).
Jane Higginbottom has a small sculpture, stone on wood;  Jane has work in Burgess Park also.
Selina Jane Steele has a collection in a display cabinet, and is influenced by the 19th century idea of cabinets of curiosities.
City scapes are represented by Tory Wilkinson's Blue Skys, Moira Jarvis by Trees in Autumn in Cannizaro Park, Wimbledon Common and water reflections by Liz Charsley-Joley, a view from water level entitled 'Putney Pier'
The subject 'Layers' included Kim Thornton's vacuum cleaner 'Domestic Alchemist' and Sarah Willet's acrylic where circles are gouged out, creating visual ambiguity, and suggesting an interest in Aboriginal art. Finally Susan finished her talk mentioning the two blue Cyanotypes of Zoe Burt, made at Brixton Lido.

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